As we enter the 21st century head first, the modern printer is faced with an ever unceasing array of new services and technology. Competition is fierce, customer’s demands are higher, and margins are being squeezed.

Our dedicated staff understand printer’s requirements, and the increased pressures they face every day. We can help you make sense of the latest advances, and recommend suitable enhancements and products that will help you increase quality, efficiency and bottom line.

GMS has been in the printing industry for almost 30 years, introducing the latest technology and trends, making sense of the current advances as well as providing expert advice and supplying the highest quality equipment and consumables.

GMS represent some of the worlds leading brands, such as Toray (including TORELIEF® ),  Inglese and Lohmann to name a few.

GMS is constantly researching the latest advances and technological breakthroughs, we were the first to introduce water-wash plates to the Australian and New Zealand markets.

For sales, information and advice on our complete range of pre-press, press equipment, consumables, finishing and inspection equipment
contact our Melbourne head office on +61 3 9535 9777