The innovative new workflow platform from HYBRID Software for graphics production.

Built on a new foundation, it brings together the recent innovations in internet and software technology, hardware advancements, and graphical production innovation.

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Automatic indexing and metadata generation of existing file servers
Blazing fast workflow engine with endless possibilities
Modular approach to grow with every organization
User friendly and web based interface to interact with workflows
Support for custom applications and web portals on top of CLOUDFLOW
Integrated approach, central database for all CLOUDFLOW applications
Open & modern technology architecture
Strong link with PACKZ

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True production PDF viewer
Pure HTML5, no plug-ins
On demand views
For reviewing and collaboration
Advanced QC tools
Preview of 1-Bit TIFF and LEN

Asset 2


Native PDF 1.7 RIP for packaging
Intuitive web interface to launch RIP tasks
Integrated dot viewer with screen analysis tools
Support for object-based screening
Advanced calibration curve toolset for plate and press dot gain control
Screening controls at separation level
Support for distorted output
Various dotshapes available, including optional high-res HXM
CIP3 output
Support for variable data printing based on PDF/VT

Asset 3


Fast and effcient Automated PDF Pre-press
20+ PDF automation tasks for your CLOUDFLOW workflows
Automated Step and Repeat
Dynamic marks and information panels
Dynamic artwork templates for mass production and remote editing

Asset 4

Easy to use UI
Easily gang different labels together
Control the amount required for each run
Send labels direct to press
Quickly add VDP elements like text and codes
Automate S&R creation based on XML

Asset 5


Optimize flexo plate usage and increase mounting efficiencies
Native PDF workflow – no need to RIP or screen files first
Intuitive web-browser interface (up to 10 concurrent users)

Asset 6


Dashboard views with individual tasklists for each department in the production chain
Customizable tickets for order and production management
Pre-designed best practice tickets for different market segments

Asset 7


Sharing data over the regular internet instead of dedicated lines
Load balancing based on business needs
Controlled sharing driven by workflows
Optimized transfer of file data
Only transfer changed data
Leverages CLOUDFLOW servers everywhere
Addresses a critical and growing need for multi-site and international customers

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Full connectivity with XML, JDF, databases, and even proprietary systems
Link Order Lifecycle with MIS, ERP, CRM, accounting, etc.
Open API for data connections
Compatible with existing job structure
Control of process milestones